The Game:

A 4-player cooperative first-person shooter set in a simulated pyramid world filled with simple geometric-designed enemies. Your task is to work with your team to defeat each boss and progress through each level of the pyramid.

Each player has a unique ability paired with a certain class-type. The classes range from: close quarters (shotgun), assault (assault rifle), grenadier (grenade), and assassin (throwing stars). Work together to conquer the bosses.


Lead Designer, 3-D Modeler, Animator

The Process:

Designing Synergy definitely was a milestone for me as a game artist. The original idea for the game was to be a 4 player co-operative multi-leveled dungeon crawler shooter game. However, due to time restraints and no real defined direction for the game, the entire project met roadblocks throughout the entirety of development.

My main goal was to decide on the look and feel of the game. Given that this was my first attempt at a 3-D based game, I chose to a follow a simple, geometric-inspired theme. Thus this would allow the other game artist and I to create enemies and environment as low-poly 3-D models. This choice made rigging and texturing much easier as a result while simultaneously planting the beginning roots of the bigger story: 4 players are transported into a retro-futuristic simulation.

I primarily employed the use of Maya 3D to model, paint skin weights, rig, and texture every 3-D model I generated. I regularly used Photoshop in tandem with Maya to enhance my workflow.